As part of GIBCA Extended, the artist group Peaches and Beaches formed to develop A Blue Horse, hosted in a container outside Röda Sten Konsthall.

In the creation of A Blue Horse we aimed for a fantasy structure. Something we all know is too good to be real, but continue to dream of together. As the elastic nature of art making meet the uncompromisingly inflexible nature of reality, the project formed partly from our wish to let the works crash into one another, and also from the joy of the inevitable glitch.

The exhibition incorporates sculpture, drawing, performance and sound. Peaches and Beaches are: Cilla Berg, Danielle Heath, Kaisa Luukkonen, Hanna Romin and Lucy Wilson.

Opening hours:

12-17 everyday, closed on Monday 12-20 Wednesday with additional performances outside these hours.

20/9 VERNISSAGE 16-19 with performance by Danielle Heath at 17-18 and action outside by Hanna Romin and Kaisa Luukkonen 18-18:15

Danielle Heath will be performing everyday 12-17

Hanna Romin and Kaisa Luukkonen 

21/9 Saturday (action 12-14)

22/9 Sunday (action 15-17)

23/9 Monday (11-12 open only for action)

24/9 Tuesday (action 11-13)

25/9 Wednesday (action 18-20)

26/9 Thursday (9-11 only open for action)

27/9 Friday (action 17-18)

28/9 Saturday (action 16:30-17:30)

29/9 Sunday (action 15-18:15)

instagram: Peaches_and_beaches_gbg